The Cookie Jar

Draws are like a cookies, and I have many.

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October 08th 2014

Day 5

If you’re behind and you know it laugh brokenly while sobbing into your scrambled eggs because it’s all you can afford!

*clap clap*

October 05th 2014


Day 4

I see dead people

October 04th 2014

Day 3

Kinda messed up on his face but such is life—
And with that I’m now up to date and working on day 4 yaaay

October 03rd 2014

Day 2

October 03rd 2014

I’m playing catch up at this point w/e

Day 1

August 23rd 2014

So many colors so little time

August 20th 2014

Remember when we were lost at sea?
We would look at the bright night sky
Thinking of, what we could be
What we could be
How to spend our lives


August 19th 2014

“Have you ever wished on a shooting star before, Riko?”

labonbull based on X

August 16th 2014
Your art is always so prettyyy
asked by sunabuna

Sunaaaaa thank you! reohtiyj

I still have a lot to learn though wheEZES hopefully I will keep improving because I need it

August 15th 2014
I guess that you've got a very soft and uncluttered style? You don't mess up your work with unnecessary details or lines. It's all very simple and /nice/.
asked by beltaguise

Beltaaa owirg

I’d like to think I’m getting better at keeping everything clean but I still have a lot to learn /v\ Thank you so much!