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I like to think I’m learning ahahahaha

it’s been a while

Figure drawing ye

I need to gain my confidence back as an artist: The stream →


Come talk to me and watch me draw!

I have a mic and am trying desperately to regain my confidence as an artist and I think this will help so won’t you join me?

Admittedly I haven’t gone to figure drawing in a while, but I made it count, today

By rendering our models butt in excruciating detail.

The natural state of the wild cola

posting vent art is weird.


and some loser who never wears her glasses BU

And a nose and mouth from the same loser.

Who does she think she is- it’s like she’s obsessed with cinnamon rolls or something.


Day 3: Piercings/Body Mod

She never did tell anyone what had happened that day.

At this point I’m really just playing catch up, but I figured it would be worthwhile to use Ina for something so have some corset piercings!

Nothing too interesting to report from figure drawing today so have two portraits with shitty lighting!